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Here at the Birmingham Course, we understand how difficult and anxiety provoking studying for the CASC must be in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis. As a gesture of goodwill we have introduced a temporary discount to the CASC course to £100 for 3 months or £200 for 6 months. Sign up now for the best possible revision!

Over 120 original high quality CASC videos based upon scenarios commonly faced in the MRCPsych CASC exam.

Content updated for the new style MRCPsych CASC. Divided by topic (e.g. General Adult Psychiatry) and by theme (History Taking, Examination or Patient Management) for easy navigation.

Over 100 high quality audio-visual tutorials with succinct structures and phrases to assist with natural interview style development, core clinical knowledge and additional advice on previous and potential future CASC scenarios.

Download PDFs on all audio-visual tutorials ideal for quick revision on any mobile device.

Timed visual commentary on all videos demonstrating structured interview technique.

Video content reviewed by specialty specific CASC examiners.

Includes the entire course content from the old Pass the CASC site and much more.

Make online notes for later with your personal notebook.

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  1. Introduction
  2. General Adult: Mood Disorders
  3. General Adult: Psychosis
  4. General Adult: Neurotic/Stress
  5. General Adult: Organic/Other
  6. Older Adults: Functional
  7. Older Adults: Organic
  8. Child and Adolescent
  9. Intellectual Disability
  10. Forensic
  11. Medical Psychotherapy
  12. Addictions
  13. Physical Examinations