I found PasstheCASC.com extremely valuable in my exam preparation and I would recommend to colleagues. I found it particularly useful as a syllabus for the exam, for key questions and phrases to get the relevant information quickly and to help with timing the scenarios. It was also good to cover topics that had not yet come up in exam scenarios (e.g. parietal lobe testing or tic disorders). In fact the parietal lobe tests did come up in my exam and I think practicing using the website got me through it!

Dr Smith (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2015

PasstheCASC.com is an invaluable tool for all CASC candidates. Dr.Mishra has set the bar extremely high to ensure we all aim for 110%. The lecture notes and phrases in which to ask questions were extremely useful. I found listening to the scenarios and lectures whilst driving, traveling or during work hugely beneficial. Furthermore, and more importantly, the structures he has designed is what really helped me pass first time, especially the 45 second simulator. I recommend this to all Psychiatry CTs. Thanks again Dr.Mishra.

I passed my Paper 3 exam in November 2014 and enrolled for this learning resource in the 6 weeks prior to the exam. The video library is excellent and helped me to hone my approach in the exam. The notes are succinct and ideal for quick revision. In addition to preparing me for the exam it also helped tailor my clinical practice which is ultimately the key goal in any exam. I would definitely recommend this to any candidate who is planning on sitting the CASC exam.

Pass the CASC website is an excellent revision website and has the highest number of videos which are complete and very detailed. All the scenarios that came up in my exam I had already seen on the videos created by Dr Mishra and this was incredibly useful. There are also tutorials for each of the videos and this is extremely helpful as it gives the opportunity of actually understanding in great detail the scenarios and the approaches that are expected in each of the stations. I have already recommended the website to a number of trainees taking the exam in January and would not hesitate recommending it to anyone preparing for CASC. I passed 15/16 stations and I cannot thank Dr Mishra enough for all is help!

Dr Leuben (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2016

I failed the CASC twice, even though I’d been told by several tutors that my level qualified me to pass easily! Something was missing that I couldn’t quite get my hands on and with the help of Dr. Mishra I was able to tune my performances and passed 15 out of 16 stations on this attempt. I still have Dr. Mishra’s videos imprinted in my mind as they were very useful not only for my exam, but also for practicing in the U.K. Dr. Mishra’s advice and positive feedback echoed through my head before each station in the actual exam and I can honestly say it did get me through the very stressful conditions of the exam. I highly recommend both the videos and the Skype practice with Dr. Mishra. I could’ve never done it without you and I am ever so grateful!