I am happy to say I passed my exam. Thanks for the videos they were really helpful. I like the fact that you can access it anywhere and also the PDF files of the suggested script. The 45-second simulator and the 1-hour videos on the ‘pep’ talk was very helpful. It was a good resource to combine with other materials.

Dr Oyedokun (Mersey Deanery trainee)

Passed January 2014

Thank you Dr.Mishra for creating this very useful website for the CASC exam. I passed the CASC in January 2014 and I definitely believe your videos greatly helped me with my CASC preparation. I find your tutorials very helpful which gave a broader idea about the station but also about the topic in general. I must say that all the videos are very CASC relevant and useful. I have already recommended this website to the other candidates. Once again, great job and best wishes for the future.

A brilliant concept, beautifully realised. Thank You.

I found your site very useful, I liked the format of the tutorials including a reminder of the script, tips and information on alternative scenarios.

Dr Masood (CNWL trainee)

Passed September 2013

Pass the CASC is an excellent course, it helped me to pass my CASC exam. I would like to thank Dr.Mishra for his great efforts and would certainly recommend this course to not only CASC candidates but to any Psychiatry trainee starting their training to improve their skills.