I found the site extremely useful. International medical graduates will find the pieces of advice given very useful and I found every section of the website useful. It also has unique features that other websites do not have e.g. Know yourself/the exam/the subject and the 45 sec simulator. The tutorials are very thorough and relevant. PasstheCASC.com (now on birminghamcourse.co.uk) also demonstrates how to fit in all the relevant information into the expected allocated time. The presence of a visible timer is very useful for managing your time too. WELL DONE for preparing such excellent material.

Dr Toni-Uebari (Wessex trainee)

Passed September 2013

I really found your online course very useful in passing my CASC exams which I cleared after several attempts. I was not born or brought up in the UK so English was my second language and your online videos and tutorials gave me a real insight in how to approach this exam despite me being overly anxious about this. I was able to overcome my communication errors and even under immense pressure as I knew what I was supposed to be doing during the exam via those videos and tutorials on your course. Thank you very much for your help!

I was apprehensive about some stations like Forensics, Psychotherapy, LD and Substance misuse as I had not done those jobs. The videos helped in giving me a good overview of these topics and how to approach these stations in the CASC. Overall, I think the videos are an excellent adjunct to practicing with peers who have good communication skills. The tutorials were useful and your approach to history taking stations and information giving stations was very useful.

Your videos were a big help and I would recommend them to anyone sitting the CASC. I think observing the non-verbal body language of yourself, actors and the actresses was also most useful when practicing and this assisted me in passing first time! Best Wishes and Keep up the good work!

Dr Ali (UHSM trainee)

Passed September 2013

I wanted to sincerely thank you for producing an excellent CASC video tutorial package which in my opinion really helped to understand the structure of the CASC and how to approach a very challenging exam. Your website is very well formatted and the contents of each video and tutorial can really make a candidate gain confidence in the CASC