The CASC is a complex exam, and I used this excellent website as my main revision tool and it taught me the skills I needed to pass 16/16 stations and I can’t thank Dr.Mishra enough!! The lines he uses are excellent and not only helped me in the exam but in my day to day practice. I now feel more confident. The stations he guesses that might come up actually do and he makes an educated future thought into future stations that might be delivered so you don’t stumble on the twists! Thank you again from a very happy customer!

Dr Shweikh (CNWL trainee)

Passed September 2013

I thought the website was really good. I found it particularly useful for scenarios which I hadn’t encountered in my day to day clinical work, for example some of the learning disability stations.

The videos were very helpful in the few days leading up to my exam, I got tips on how to say things that I was stuck on.

I can say after research into resources for this exam over 14 months this course is unique. It offers a complete package. With CASC courses I found a lack of examples showing how to actually do stations and do them well. One of the areas of concern of exam performance identified by the RCPsych is ‘Range and Depth’ and is a common reason for not passing stations -this course demonstrates how to cover this. I found watching how challenging situations are dealt with or how to phrase difficult explanations in an effective way invaluable for my learning. 

The tutorials are comprehensive and yet presented in such a way by Dr Mishra talking you through them in a style that is encouraging and easy to listen to. If stations are done following the guidance and advice on this course the exam is passed. Many thanks Dr Mishra for your time and dedication.

Dr Mortlock (OBMHPT trainee)

Passed January 2013

Pass The CASC is a very user-friendly and easy to use website, with a wide range of videos, covering most of the relevant topics and scenarios that are frequently encountered in the exam. I found it really helpful to watch the different scenarios being done as it gave me an idea of the standard expected, and there’s a lot to learn from Dr.Mishra’s style. It helps develop a general structure you can apply in the exam, especially if you’re struggling with a scenario. I would recommend using the site as an early revision guide, to help develop your own style based on tips and the structures used in the videos.