I like how you comment in the tutorials that you could have done something better and give us an alternative way. The material is a lot, but it is very useful if somebody manages to go through everything. A very good feature was that one could watch the videos on mobile. This is a plus!

Dr Miltsiou (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2012

Dr. Mishra has been an excellent tutor who helped me towards passing my CASC exams. I found his teaching techniques to be extremely useful. Being an overseas graduate and with English not being my first language, I was struggling to make myself understood. I lacked clear questioning style and was unable to give a concise explanation to the patient within the time limitations of the CASC station. Dr. Mishra took into account our cultural differences and language difficulties and tailored his teaching for the course accordingly. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the teaching methods employed by Dr. Mishra.

Just a few words to say a big big thank you for helping me to pass the CASC examination. Being a foreign medical graduate, it was very difficult for me to pass the CASC exam. I was really desperate as my 4th attempt was approaching but your unique and excellent teaching style has helped me not only to improve my communication skills but also to pass the exam as well. In addition my clinical practice has improved greatly. You have a passion of teaching and helping other people. I again thank you for your teaching and help.

Dr.Mishra helped me get through the CASC exam – he’s a great teacher and will give you practical tips to help improve your technique and communication skills as well as the knowledge base to help you pass the CASC.

Dr Ahmed (St. Mary’s trainee)

Passed September 2012

I would like to thank you for all your hard work, patience and effort in helping me pass the CASC exam. It would have been difficult to pass the exam without your help. is a unique resource which was integral to my revision. The videos covered all of the common stations that appear in the CASC exam and provided invaluable tips for creating structure and both managing time and anxiety. It helped provide a sensible overall structure and framework to the daunting process of preparing for CASC and I would highly recommend it!