I used the Pass the CASC course to prepare for the CASC exam in January 2017. I thought that the content was very good and comprehensive – it covered almost all stations that came up in my exam. I found that it helped with my communication skills – I learnt a lot from watching Dr. Mishra in the videos and it built my confidence for the exam. I passed the exam on my first sitting – I think this course was very important in bringing about my success. Many thanks!

Dr Pepper (Wessex Deanery)

Passed January 2017

I have watched most of Pass the CASC videos at least twice. The systemic approach of (ODPI-Risks), Dr. Mishra’s style of questioning using a mixture of open and closed questions, checking patients understanding, not following a checklist – the basic skills expected in CASC are well presented in videos. Secondly, it’s like a one stop shop for all CASC exam videos. I would recommend candidates appearing for CASC to make use of the website to increase their chances of your success in this challenging exam. Thank you!

Pass the CASC gave me the first authentic glimpse of the communication skills, knowledge, genuine caring, confidence and safe practice that I needed to demonstrate across a wide variety of situations. I could emulate and incorporate these easily from watching the very easy to navigate videos any time and then practice with role playing colleagues or patients. Also, immensely helpful was getting all of my questions answered promptly and thoroughly via Dr Mishra.

I found your website extremely helpful in terms of the exam technique, style of questions which definitely helped me shape my own unique way of approaching the stations. What actually helped me is to have a clear structure written down in those 90 seconds, be present in the moment to pick up cues from the actor and basically believe in your own particular style whatever that might be! I would recommend the website to those who are undergoing the CASC preparation.

Dr Cosmulescu (Sheffield Trainee)

Passed January 2017

Thank you very much for all of your support in helping me to Pass the CASC. I used your site almost exclusively for my ‘practice’ sessions as I didn’t have time to organise any other real-life sessions with colleagues. I spent a lot of my time running through your videos. I am sure that you are getting lots of similar emails from satisfied customers, who you’ve helped to take a significant step in the development of their careers.