I had given my RANZCP MOSCE exams in Australia and am happy to say that I have passed in the first attempt. Your course videos had a huge role to play in my preparation with a varied range of situations tackled in your website resources.

Dr Kalra (Australian RANZCP trainee)

Passed October 2015

I found PasstheCASC.com extremely valuable in my exam preparation and I would recommend to colleagues. I found it particularly useful as a syllabus for the exam, for key questions and phrases to get the relevant information quickly and to help with timing the scenarios. It was also good to cover topics that had not yet come up in exam scenarios (e.g. parietal lobe testing or tic disorders). In fact the parietal lobe tests did come up in my exam and I think practicing using the website got me through it!

PasstheCASC.com is an invaluable tool for all CASC candidates. Dr.Mishra has set the bar extremely high to ensure we all aim for 110%. The lecture notes and phrases in which to ask questions were extremely useful. I found listening to the scenarios and lectures whilst driving, traveling or during work hugely beneficial. Furthermore, and more importantly, the structures he has designed is what really helped me pass first time, especially the 45 second simulator. I recommend this to all Psychiatry CTs. Thanks again Dr.Mishra.

I found Pass the CASC a very informative and well thought out revision website. It was incredibly useful to see how the scenarios should be tackled and structured in real time. It was also helpful to see other potential stations which have never come up before e.g. Parietal lobe examination, which indeed did end up as a station! Without watching the scenario on this website, I would never have known how to approach this station. I got 16/16 in the exam and can’t thank Dr. Mishra enough!

Dr Huq (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2015

I must say it has been by far the best course that I’ve attended and I’ve attended a fair few over the last 4 years. I feel that this course in particular with emphasis on time, structure and content provides a good framework for individuals to restructure if need be to the CASC scenario and work on their strengths and nullify their weakness. Your course has been invaluable for me for the preparation of this exam and has contributed immensely for my success. I’ve recommended many other trainees to subscribe to this course as it has been very helpful to me. Once again I am and will always be grateful for your help in my preparation.