I found PasstheCASC.com (now birminghamcourse.co.uk) to be a fantastic resource to supplement group practice. It helped me with general skills like the pacing and how to formulate your questions but also really helped with breaking down the tricky stations that you hear about but wouldn’t begin to know how to approach. I would highly recommend this site to anyone sitting CASC and think it makes understanding and preparing for the exam a lot easier.

Dr Clare (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2014

It was a big challenge for me specially as an international trainee who was graduated from an international country, but those videos helped me to have good structures for different stations and to be able to manage the time even with long stations.

The website provides valuable revision material in different formats with the role play videos and then tutorials. This is an ideal resource to use individually alongside revising and practicing in a group.

I found the CASC videos very helpful; they provided a good overview of the relevant subjects and were very informative with the structure and content of the CASC stations. I didn’t do any extra courses; I read the theory, worked in a good study group, used the casc videos and managed to pass first time. When I got tired reading I just watched a couple of videos. I would definitely recommend the casc videos as a useful resource in any CASC preparation.

Dr Qadri (Yorkshire trainee)

Passed September 2014

The CASC is a challenging exam where the candidate needs to cover a lot of tasks in a clinical situation under strict time pressure in a structured manner whilst building and maintaining a good rapport with patient. Although the books and courses help and give pointers, it is very helpful to watch an experienced clinician tackle the common CASC scenarios, along with rare ones such as how to assess the capacity to make a will, so we can have an idea of what to do when faced with a similar situation. The videos and PDF files helped me with my structure and also taught me ways to phrase some difficult questions. I would definitely recommend the videos for any CASC trainee and sincerely believe they helped me pass the CASC scoring 16/16 stations in my first helped me so much to pass the CASC from the first attempt.