was an invaluable resource to help me prepare for the CASC examination. My revision group used the tutorials to help us understand what we needed to cover in the stations in terms of depth and breadth. In the last few days before the exam I used the videos to help me revise the stations I found more challenging or that I hadn’t already practiced in my group. I also used the videos to help me understand how to structure stations and how to phrase certain questions. Thank you Dr Mishra!

Dr Korb (UCL trainee)

Passed September 2014

I would recommend these videos for CASC especially for International Medical Graduates. These videos are an ‘eye opener’ as they give an insight into the requirements needed to pass this exam which can be daunting if you are clueless. If you have never seen a Consultant do a complete MSE this can give you an idea and can also help you to see what is achievable in 7 or 10 minutes. I found that the ‘3 Keys’ helped dispel the myths perpetuated by many and encouraged me to be compassionate to myself. The ‘3 Keys’ is a great guide and even provide tips on how to prepare for the exam well in advance. I would also recommend listening to the tutorials which give detailed explanations into each task and also highlight deficits in the videos.

Pass the is certainly the best course and has helped me enormously not only preparing for the exam but also to overcome exam related anxiety. It was a full package, videos, teaching and material; all in one! Your one-hour introductory video was extremely helpful to deal with my negative cognitions about myself. In my CASC exam scenarios, I found them a lot easier to perform because I had watched many videos. Also one person performing as a lead for all stations gives you a lot of confidence that you can do it as well no matter whatever situation it might be. Adding Pass the (now at the to one’s preparation really makes a difference.

I found the videos a very useful resource. I used to watch the videos when I was too tired to read. I watched 2-3 videos daily, thinking about structures, opening and body language. It was encouraging for me to see that you managed to complete the tasks without rushing through. This was particularly important for me as English is not my first language. I also found the motivational videos very useful and important to think about.

Dr Vaida (SW England trainee)

Passed January 2014

Your website has been extremely helpful. I liked your “know your exam self”. It is quite motivating and valuable. I really appreciate the hard work you have done in being so descriptive about the notes for each scenario. It is superb. You have covered the majority of themes which come up in the CASC. Apart from the online videos, your email support and comprehensive feedback has been invaluable. On the whole your website is extremely useful and is great value for money. I have already recommended your site to a few of my friends who have difficulty passing