I found the videos a very useful resource. I used to watch the videos when I was too tired to read. I watched 2-3 videos daily, thinking about structures, opening and body language. It was encouraging for me to see that you managed to complete the tasks without rushing through. This was particularly important for me as English is not my first language. I also found the motivational videos very useful and important to think about.

Dr Vaida (SW England trainee)

Passed January 2014

Your website has been extremely helpful. I liked your “know your exam self”. It is quite motivating and valuable. I really appreciate the hard work you have done in being so descriptive about the notes for each scenario. It is superb. You have covered the majority of themes which come up in the CASC. Apart from the online videos, your email support and comprehensive feedback has been invaluable. On the whole your website is extremely useful and is great value for money. I have already recommended your site to a few of my friends who have difficulty passing

The introduction and sometimes inspirational attitude was helpful particularly for repeaters like myself. Often we forget that instillation of hope is useful not only for patients but also for others and we can only get it from our peers. I thought that the majority of the stations were very well thought through and the information is useful not only for exams but also in real clinical situations.

Out of the ever expanding list of resources available to doctors preparing for the CASC, this website stands out. The real time videos are accompanied by detailed tutorials and guidance on how to approach potential variations of each theme. In addition, there is a countdown function incorporated into the videos and a very useful suggestion, which I followed to use a stopwatch during the actual exam. Dr.Mishra responds quickly to any queries and I would like to congratulate him on putting together a fantastic revision tool for what is for many a daunting exam.

Dr Mistry (UCL trainee)

Passed January 2014

I am happy to say I passed my exam. Thanks for the videos they were really helpful. I like the fact that you can access it anywhere and also the PDF files of the suggested script. The 45-second simulator and the 1-hour videos on the ‘pep’ talk was very helpful. It was a good resource to combine with other materials.