The Complete MRCPsych Revision Course

For over 15 years the Birmingham course has delivered online and weekend courses preparing candidates for MRCPsych success. Our comprehensive course consists of up-to-date and evidence-based written papers and CASC exercises, designed to prepare you for examination success. Revise, engage and assess your performance all from one expert platform.

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The Courses

Our online and weekend courses cover every element of your MRCPsych revision. Learn with theory-based written papers and CASC video materials. Each paper and exercise is developed by leading academics and clinicians and designed in sync with the Royal College syllabus.


Question bank

Over 4,000 updated expertly written questions each partnered with concise evidence-based explanations

Progress Reports

Tailor your revision and track your progress with the help of our detailed progress reports. Move through each paper and access a full topic-by-topic breakdown of your performance.

Tags and Notebook

Create a personalized revision resource with our tag and notebook features. Tag topics and questions for future use. Add reminders and reference notes with our Notebook


I found the weekend course to be a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely useful experience. It taught me key ways of structuring CASC stations to enable me to function at my best during the stations and gave me confidence. Thank you again.

Peter Cottrell


I found extremely valuable in my exam preparation and I would recommend to colleagues. I found it particularly useful as a syllabus for the exam, for key questions and phrases to get the relevant information quickly and to help with timing the scenarios. It was also good to cover topics that had not yet come up in exam scenarios (e.g. parietal lobe testing or tic disorders). In fact the parietal lobe tests did come up in my exam and I think practicing using the website got me through it!

Dr Smith (UCL trainee)