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The Birmingham Course is your complete MRCPsych revision resource. Our comprehensive course consists of up-to-date and evidence-based written papers and CASC exercises, designed to prepare you for examination success. Revise, engage and assess your performance all from one expert platform.

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The Courses

We cover every element of your MRCPsych revision through our range of theory-based written papers and clinical CASC materials. Each paper and exercise is developed by leading academics and clinicians and designed in sync with the Royal College syllabus.


Progress Reports

Tailor your revision and track your progress with the help of our detailed progress reports. Move through each paper and access a full topic-by-topic breakdown of your performance. Unlock expert notes and engage with a community of fellow users and medical students.

Question bank

Our extensive and up-to-date question bank features over 4,000 expertly written questions in a range of revision formats. Each question is partnered with a concise, evidence-based answer so you can move through each course with confidence and clarity.

Tags and Notebook

Create a personalised revision resource thanks to our tag and notebook features. Tag topics and questions for easy, searchable future use. Our notebook tool allows you to add your own reminders and reference notes to any question or paper so your revision can stay on track.


I found your website extremely helpful in terms of the exam technique, style of questions which definitely helped me shape my own unique way of approaching the stations. What actually helped me is to have a clear structure written down in those 90 seconds, be present in the moment to pick up cues from the actor and basically believe in your own particular style whatever that might be! I would recommend the website to those who are undergoing the CASC preparation.

Dr Cosmulescu (Sheffield Trainee)

Thank you very much for all of your support in helping me to Pass the CASC. I used your site almost exclusively for my ‘practice’ sessions as I didn’t have time to organise any other real-life sessions with colleagues. I spent a lot of my time running through your videos. I am sure that you are getting lots of similar emails from satisfied customers, who you’ve helped to take a significant step in the development of their careers.

Dr Collins (London Deanery)